About Will’s blog

There is a huge number of things that affect our daily lives.

Will in squashWill Newman II

Generally, we don’t talk about them. Most if us are too busy simply getting through the day.

This is an opportunity to discuss some of these things.

Discussing them is important because we all all ignorant, we are just ignorant about different things. By discussing the things that concern us we increase our understanding while decreasing our ignorance, simultaneously increasing the possibility that we will be able to find or develop positive responses.

I invite you to join in this public discussion, and help us all reduce our ignorance – click here or select “Home” from the tabs above.

2 thoughts on “About Will’s blog

  1. Will,

    It was great to meet you today and for you and Susan to take time out to graciously show us around your Natural Harvest farm. You two are obviously a treasure and great resource for our community.

    We wish you continued success and many happy farming days ahead!

    Ted and Robin Berry

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