Finite Earth Workshop

Finite Earth Workshop is a cooperative effort between Will Newman II and Susan W. Clark, based at Natural Harvest Farm, near Canby, Oregon. We design and make useful tools and items using re-purposed, reused, recycled and scrap materials. All of our designs are easy to use, sturdy, and dependable.

Both the finished items and the plans for making them become available as designs are tested and proven sound.

Currently available:

Portable Skein Winder/Swift. It will wind on or wind off 1-yard, 1 1/2-yard and 2-yard skeins. A 3-yard model is available on special order, as is the addition of a counter.

Skein Winder/Swifts come disassembled in a carry case for easy portability, and are designed to be assembled and disassembled without tools. They can stand on the floor or a table, and can be clamped to a tabletop in either vertical or horizontal orientation if desired.

Finite Earth Workshop Skein Winder/Swifts are available by mail order or at Wynona Studios in Oregon City, Oregon.

Skein Winder/Swifts are available directly from Finite Earth Workshop or at Wynona Studios in Oregon City, Oregon.

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