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Will Newman has operated a small-business consulting practice, Desktop Solutions, since the mid-1980s. His BA is in Human Resources Management from George Fox College. He also holds Associate Degrees in Adult Education and in Trades and Industrial Technology.

In 1996 he co-founded Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust (OSALT). OSALT is a state-wide charitable non-profit organization dedicated to protecting urban and rural agricultural lands from encroachment by non-agricultural uses, holding those lands in trust for use by future generations of agriculturalists, and conducting research and education into the sustainable production and distribution of agricultural products (e.g. food, fiber, plants, flowers, medicinals and building materials). Will served as a Member of the Board and as the Research and Education Director from 1996 until his retirement in 2011.

Will is a life member of the Home Orchard Society and has served as Secretary and as Treasurer.

He is an active speaker and participant in OSU Master Gardeners, Master Recyclers, Master Food Preservers, Energy Stewards, Home Orchard Society and Oregon Tilth. He has been a featured speaker for the Master Gardener Regional Conference, T-20 (the 20th Anniversary Conference of Oregon Tilth), the 25th anniversary conference of the Bald Eagle Conservancy, Chef’s Collaborative’s Farmer Chef Connection, and the Ecological Farming Conference, as well as numerous other gatherings.

A highly regarded teacher, speaker and writer, Will regularly teaches classes in agriculture, organic gardening, localizing economies, sustainable business and computers, and is a certified Permaculture Instructor. For 15 years, Will has been the lead instructor in the 8-day course “Successful Small Farming.” He often appears on local radio and television programs, and his articles have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines as well on BlueOregon.com. His blog is at NaturalHarvest.us

Will is a journeyman carpenter, for some years taught carpenter apprentices, and served on the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee. During this period he re-wrote most of the curriculum for the program. He was instrumental in effectively opening carpentry apprenticeship to women in the Portland Metropolitan area.

He designed and managed an award-winning pre-apprenticeship level training program for Portland Public Schools, providing useful, on-site trades training for middle and high school students. He also served as the Director of CISCO, the Chicano-Indian Study Center of Oregon, where he developed similar course work, refurbished the facility, lived through an audit by HUD and worked with a diverse group of European American, Native American and Hispanic clients.

His activities with Oregon Tilth include serving on the Board of Directors for several terms, one term as Secretary and one as President, and for 6 years on the Certification and Certification Review Committees. He also managed the Tilth Apprenticeship Placement Program. Will now serves on Tilth’s Adjudication committee.

For three years Will was the Operations Director of Soil Foodweb Inc., Dr. Elaine Ingham’s world-leading soil biology testing laboratory, and took the opportunity to study soil biology, nutrient transfer, and the soil food web’s role in supporting healthy, productive plants.

Civic involvement has included service on the Tigard Planning Commission, the Clackamas County Planning Commission, the Board of Directors of the Tigard Area Chamber of Commerce and the Growing Solar Clackamas County citizen’s committee. He has served as a member of the Canby Area Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee, a co-founder and Board Member of the Canby Business Revitalization Group, and was the founder of the Canby Grower’s Market. He also served on the Portland/Multnomah Food Policy Council.

Since 1988 Will has been active with his partner Susan W. Clark in developing and farming Natural Harvest Farm. He and Sue developed and managed a successful Community Supported Agriculture operation for some years. They now mentor young growers at the farm.

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