We are of the Earth

It is said that the fact that each of us is not now dirt is merely a matter of timing.

It is also said that we replace every cell in our bodies at least every three and a half years. We build those cells from what we breathe, what we drink, and what we eat – the air, water and soil of the Earth.

And the same is true of all animals and plants.

We, all living things, build ourselves from the substance of the others, in an endless cycle of sharing and interdependence essential to our very existences.

From the breeze that whispers, to the storm winds that blow, we are of the Earth.

From the rain that falls and moistens the soil, to the streams that flow to the sea, to the mist that rises in the cool of the day, we are of the Earth.

From the microbiology of the soil, to the plants of land and sea, to the animals that feed on the plants, to the animals that feed on other animals, we are of the Earth.

And we are blessed in all that.

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