Taxes and Interest

We have been taught, during the last 3 decades, that taxes are bad. That the government takes “our” money and wastes it on bloated bureaucracy and wasteful programs for the undeserving.

We have often been told that we would all be better off if the government was run “like a business”, the implication being that businesses do not have bloated bureaucracies or indulge in wasteful activities.

So, we object to paying taxes, but we still want functional court systems with swift justice, honest police forces, effective fire departments, well-maintained roads, etc., etc. – all paid for by taxes. And we want more and more for less and less.

But we don’t seem to object to paying interest on credit cards, in return for which we get what? The ability to spend money we don’t have? Interest is every bit as much a tax, albeit imposed by lenders, as any tax imposed by the government.

The difference is that we actually get valuable services from the government. With a lot less bureaucracy, and a lot less waste. (Do you know any government bureaucrat who gets multi-million dollar annual bonuses?)

Doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

What do you think?

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